Suck at selling

Got your attention?

Streaming TV is the easiest sale in the world right now.

I’m not kidding.

It’s E… A… S…Y.

Most people are already paying 4X more for cable TV and cable TV sucks.

We give them nearly 8,000 channels for 1/4th the price.

Like I said, easy.

There are six ways our affiliates get paid.

One of them is a residual calculation on our organization.

5 get 5, get 5… down 9 levels pays out 2.4 million dollars per month.

Now, before you go getting your panties in a bunch, let me point out that it’s not going to pan out all symmetrical like that.

That’s just a hypothetical amount based on the actual math.

The take-away from it is, you can do very well as a streaming TV affiliate.

And, your TV bill becomes 100% tax-deductible too!

Click the link below for more info.

Jack Holbrook