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Is It Possible To Shink Fat Cells?


What if I told you that there is a way to physically shrink your fat cells? Countless products
and diet plans have promised as much, and more. But I am about to reveal the method that
has worked wonders for hundreds of people worldwide pursuing fat reduction.
It sounds too good to be true, right? Read on to find out for yourself.
Tea has many benefits, for the body, stress and energy levels, and even in the prevention of
serious diseases. White, black and green tea have been tested, talked about, and consumed
for years on this basis, each with unique but valuable contributions to the body.
More recently, red tea has been recognised as their equal, if not superior. And here’s why –
red tea shrinks fat cells.

Rooibos, is a red bush from South Africa. The leaves are used once fermented in the tea’s
production, and they offer a range of benefits.
My recipe, as featured in the Red Tea Detox, combines rooibos with a specific blend, working
to melt fat.
Research has shown that components found in the rooibos plant, such as polyphenols and
flavonoids, inhibit the formation of new fat cells by 22 percent. The tea significantly lowers
dangerous fat found in the blood, such as triglyceride concentrations.

Other blends such as green tea, although rich in antioxidants, do not have the same impact
on fat cells or weight loss. Red tea is an exciting necessity, and one that has the potential to
seamlessly entwine itself with your lifestyle.

Sipping the brew burns stubborn problem areas around the body, without an extreme diet or
exercise plan. This is a chance to enhance your health as well as your weight loss efforts. And
did I mention that it’s delicious?
Finally, we have access to a health product promising fat reduction that bases itself on facts,
rather than myths and false hope. Something worthwhile. It has never been simpler to cut fat
cell growth than it is now, with the Red Tea Detox. Watch for inevitable results as they occur.
Find the recipe here ==> **

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Live Healthily With Bauer Nutrition Products

Ask yourself;  What do you need to change to improve in your life and live more healthily?
You could;
1) Lose some weight
2) Start with the self-care regime
3) Get into fitness
4) Improve general health

Interested? If so, try Bauer Nutrition products to aid your fitness regime.


1) How To Kick Start Your Weight Loss Regime

If you’re looking to lose pounds, try simple steps such as cutting out soda from your diet. You can replace it with naturally flavored seltzer water and a shot of 100% fruit juice. Start your breakfast with a protein-rich meal, such as Greek yogurt with fruit or eggs. Avoid products with refined sugar. This is only the beginning.

Follow These 12 Tips And You Will Have Great Results

#1 Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast

As we mentioned before, start your first meal with protein. It helps you to stay focused, wakes you up, and revs your metabolism. The best breakfast is non-fat yogurt, with an apple or banana with granola. You can also mix one whole egg a with 2-4 egg whites and make a big omelet with all kinds of veggies. You can make your protein smoothie with almond milk or low-fat milk 1 and 1/2 cups of frozen fruit and a shot of protein powder.

Try 7 Day Diet Shakes from Bauer Nutrition as part of your morning smoothie for an extra protein kick. 

7 Day Diet Shakes from Bauer Nutrition is a high protein meal & snack replacement shake, for men and women. It helps them in achieving weight loss goals with balanced and nutritious solution With 7 Day Diet shakes from Bauer Nutrition you will meet your daily protein needs. 35% of the calories in 7 Day Diet Shakes coming from protein. It supports muscle recovery and muscle toning too.

Each shake provides at least 30% of the RDA for 20 minerals and vitamins making them a balanced option to be consumed as part of healthy living each day.

Buy Now => 7 Day Diet Shakes.

#2 Nourish Your Skin

You want foods with beta-carotene for healthy, glowing skin. Beta-carotene is in foods like carrots, apricots, and sweet potatoes and it provides excellent nourishment. Vitamin C is suitable for both hair and skin.

#3 Follow These 3 Tips to Lose 5lbs

Buy a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps per day. That’s about five miles per day, and it’s easier than you think.

Drink two glasses of water or tea before every meal. This takes the edge off hunger, so you will eat less.

Before dinner, have some veggies, like salad, carrot sticks or sliced cucumber. Vegetables are high in fiber, and they take the edge off hunger, so you will eat less at dinner.

#4 Don’t Cut the Good Carbs

There are a lot of high carbs. Veggies are carbs, but they’re low-calorie, and they shower your body with so many good things. If you’re is trying to cut carbs, limit yourself to two pieces of fruit each day. The best carbs are starchy carbs ¬like black beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, and quinoa. Quinoa cooks up just like rice and has more protein and fiber. Plus, it’s not fattening, but don’t eat more than one cup per day.

#6 Know Your Veggie Carb Content

Some vegetables are lower in carbs than others, and you can eat unlimited quantities of those — broccoli, kale, spinach, mushrooms, cauliflower, onion, green beans, sugar snap peas. Others you have to watch how much you eat – corn and potatoes, acorns, butternut squash.

#7 Use These 3 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

You want to exercise – get out there every day and walk at least 30 minutes.

Include protein with every meal. This helps rev your metabolism more than carbs or fat.

Add hot sauce, jalapenos, and Sriracha to food whenever you can. Increasing heat can give you an uptick in metabolism.

Try these supplements from Bauer Nutrition to help burn more fat and reach your goals quicker!

Pure Acai Berry


Are you looking to use a pure, natural product to lose weight? Afraid you might starve your body of some essential nutrients while the pounds drop off? Worry no more – with Pure Acai Berry you’ll be nourishing your body with vital antioxidants to increase energy, heart health and well-being as you lose that unwanted fat.

The antioxidants in Pure Acai Berry also help to detoxify your body. This sharpens you mentally and increases your energy levels, allowing your body to lose weight much more easily. You win all round!

Pure Acai Berry is the complete natural antioxidant complex designed to help you lose weight easily, safely, and quickly!

                                                Buy Now =>  Pure Acai Berry 

Raspberry Ketone

So popular that it’s a consistent sell-out, Raspberry Ketone is one of the hottest weight loss products around, having enjoyed masses of media coverage since hitting the market.

The natural compounds that give raspberries their delicious scent, raspberry ketones help your body break down fat more efficiently as well as helping increase your metabolism. You’ll lose weight quickly, naturally and safely.

Due to its similar molecular structure to capsaicin (the chemical that gives chilli peppers their heat and is known for its amazing fat breaking capabilities), raspberry ketone acts as an incredible fat burner. By increasing levels of the fat breaking hormones adiponectin and norepinephrine, your body’s breakdown of fat is increased, meaning you’ll break fat faster and lose weight quicker.

Adiponectin also boosts your metabolic rate whilst providing an appetite suppressant effect, meaning you’ll not only be burning through more calories per day, but consuming less calories too, getting you to your weight loss goal even quicker!

As if breaking down your fat wasn’t enough, the high antioxidant content in raspberry ketones has been linked to everything from protecting the body against disease to helping prevent cell damage, meaning your ongoing health and wellbeing is supported.

To make sure you get the very best results, Bauer Nutrition  combined our raspberry ketone formula with African Mango Extract – known for its powerful appetite suppressant qualities.

Buy Now =>  Raspberry Ketone 

#8 Go Vegan To Improve Your Health

If you follow a vegan diet, you can help to reduce your risk of dying prematurely, contracting certain cancers and you’ll have a lower BMI, lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure. The key here is to be responsible vegan and not just eat potatoes and noodles. Eat lentils, tofu, starchy beans and lots of veggies. Get your protein from soybeans, tofu, and quinoa. If you do it right, wow, is it healthy!

#9 Get Used to Passing on the Bread

Roll up your meat around a red pepper and dunk it in a sauce. Put your meat in a piece of lettuce or a cabbage leaf. Have a Portobello mushroom as your burger bun or make a cauliflower pizza base. I often make a roasted eggplant pizza for my family. There are lots of easy ways to substitute bread for veggies for a tasty meal without the carbs.

#10 Caramelize Your Vegetables

An easy way to add some extra flavor to cooked vegetables without increasing the sodium or calories is to roast them. If you bake veggies in the oven, they start to caramelize and will have a delicious nutty flavor. Lay the veggies out on a baking sheet that has been misted with oil. Add any seasonings you want, like rosemary, thyme, cumin, oregano or pepper. You don’t have to add salt. Pop the veggies in the oven set at 400-425 until they start to caramelize. They’re the most delicious tasting veggies ever!

#11 Eat Healthy, Even on a Budget

You need to pre-plan. That is the absolute key. Shop in the produce, dairy, and whole grain sections. Don’t bring processed foods in your house. Embrace frozen fruits and veggies. They’re just as nutritious and they’re less expensive, just as fresh and don’t go to waste because you can stockpile them in the freezer. Lentils are so inexpensive and they’re nutrition powerhouses. You can even buy canned fish, canned salmon. Get your omega 3s from the salmon salad. Buy Alaskan or wild canned salmon. No toxins only the good stuff.

#12 Try some of the Bauer Nutrition products to lose your weight

weightloss-banner-2You can choose between
Appetite Suppressants
Calorie Burners
Carb Blockers
Detox & Cleanse
Fat Binders
Fat Burners and
Metabolism Boosters

Why Bauer Nutrition?

Here are their promises

1) Bauer Nutrition guarantees the lowest price in the market. If you find the same product at a lower price, Bauer Nutrition will match it.

2) Bauer Nutrition guarantee FAST & FREE Worldwide Delivery

3) Bauer Nutrition guarantee 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Now when you know that you will get the high-quality product with the lowest price in the market

Read more => Bauer Nutrition Weight Loss Products.

2) How to start with the self-care regime

We all know that the beauty comes from within. The combination of health, character, and confidence with the little help of cosmetics and skincare products determine how we look on the outside.

Your first aim has to be to regain youthful skin

This is not as easy as you think. To have Radiant skin, you have to drink plenty of water and get enough vitamins.

But you’ll also need to avoid other factors that could negatively impact on your skin. These factors vary from person to person and may include high levels of stress, lack of sleep, or hormonal imbalances.

If your face starts showing signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines then invest in a high-quality moisturizer.

When you invest in moisturizer look for a product that promotes the skin’s rejuvenation process, contains natural compounds like collagen and vitamin E and increases hydration

YouTonics Skin from Bauer Nutrition is one of the best high-quality moisturizers in the market
YouTonics Skin from Bauer Nutrition is a unique combination of vitamins and protein concentrate, precision engineered to improve the health and look of your skin. Using a clinically designed, advanced scientific formula, YouTonics Skin aims to boost both the appearance and feel of your skin with its balance of cell-protecting vitamins A and E and skin-repairing vitamin C.

[ctt template=”10″ link=”1lcMh” via=”yes” ]With YouTonics Skin you can DELAY THE AGING PROCESS WITH ADVANCED SCIENCE BECAUSE[/ctt]
YouTonics Skin Promotes Healthy Skin
It Helps Reduce Premature Skin Ageing
YouTonics Skin Hydrates Skin and Reduces Dryness
It Helps Reduce Lines and Wrinkles
YouTonics Skin Improves Hair, Nail, Gum and Eye Health
It Uses Advanced Tri-Optimized™ Formula

Bye Now => YouTonics Skin

Bauer Nutrition has the great beauty care products for

Breast Enhancement
Eye Treatment
Hair Care
Skin Care

As you know

1) Bauer Nutrition guarantees the lowest price in the market.
2) Bauer Nutrition guarantee FAST & FREE Worldwide Delivery
3) Bauer Nutrition guarantee 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

So you can try them without risk

3) How to Get into fitness

We know that physical activity  is a booster for our health, but it can also be a booster for our beauty too. With exercises, you will increase blood flow and remove toxins that cause cellulite and dull skin.

Combination of cardio and strength has the most significant health benefits. Cardio exercises like jogging, swimming, and aerobic burns calories and makes your cardiovascular system stronger. Strength training with resistance machines, dumbbells, will increase your lean mass. Find an activity you love and exercise regularly. Then follow-up your sessions with a protein supplement so that your body has the fuel it needs to recover quickly.

Body Fuel™ High Grade Whey Protein 80 offers an extremely pure and high quality whey protein isolate with rapid protein release, ideal for supporting your lean muscle, definition and recovery goals. The unique formula is also a fantastic source of essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamine.

Whey protein powder is the most efficient protein for the human body and research has shown that it is digested and more easily absorbed than any other protein.

Whey protein powder, once mixed with water or milk, is absorbed much faster into your system than whole foods, which is ideal for recovery after training. Body Fuel™ High Grade Whey Protein 80 delivers 80% premium protein.


Make this year your year to shine!

Following these steps and using products from Bauer Nutrition will help you to feel and look more beautiful and more confident throughout the coming year. You will feel happier with more confidence when you glance in the mirror and reclaim your youthful looks, or in your body shape. So start now! Commit to begin the year with these beauty and health improvements which will help you feel and look better inside and out.


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Live Healthily With Bauer Nutrition Products

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Activity Making You Fatter & Weaker

It may be the most harmless activity known to man, but it’s also one of the biggest dangers to your health.


Even if you’re the most active of athletes, you may still suffer from tight hip flexors due to the amount of time you spend each day planted to a chair.

If you have tight hip flexors from sitting too much you may be kicking your body into fat storing mode and it has nothing to do with inactivity.

Sitting Is a Fat Loss Inhibitor

As the body’s "fight or flight" muscle, your psoas (hip flexors) is deeply connected to our natural survival instinct. It instantly tightens in moments of danger to either protect you (in a fetal position) or help you run, fueled by the release of adrenaline.


However, if your psoas (hip flexors) is constantly tight from sitting too much, it signals to the body you are in constant danger, leading to overworking of the adrenal gland.

When this happens, your immune system suffers and your body automatically switches into fat storing mode in anticipation of danger. Can’t shift that weight? Blame those tight hip flexors known as your "survival muscle".

If You Sit Too Much & You’re Having Trouble Losing Fat Try This:

If you have a desk job, drive to work or like to relax on the couch, congratulations you’re like a lot of other people. Sure you can decrease the amount of time you spend sitting but overall there’s no way around it. So what should you do?

Personally I recommend that you incorporate these 10 Simple Moves into your day. They take less than 15-minutes and can unlock your hip flexors (survival muscle) so that you’re not stuck in fat storing mode.

10 Simple Moves To Do If You Sit Too Much < — Helps you burn fat

Give it a try, you’ll bring vitality back into your life so that you can be lean, active and energetic for yourself and loved ones.



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Massage therapy

If you’ve ever obtained a massage, you know exactly how enjoyable as well as restorative it can be. Massage therapy isn’t a new healing method that began decades back. This is a form of physical recovery that’s been around for thousands of years. Professional therapists make use of a range of methods to target particular areas of the body in order to relax and also soothe you. Allow’s have a look at several of the advantages of a Massage in Hawaii and just how it can aid your body.


Massage treatment does wonder for the body and mind. For starters, it’s a terrific method to loosen up as well as loosen up the muscle mass of the body. Most of the times, amateur as well as expert athletes will decide to receive a massage therapy after an intense exercise. Doing this will certainly assist them to avoid cramping, as well as will additionally alleviate them of any kind of aching as well as weary muscles.


Not just does a Massage in Hawaii eliminate you of pains and also pains, however, it can likewise aid you with your adaptability. Variety, as well as flexibility, are very important for various kinds of athletes– particularly joggers. A massage therapist will function to stretch the muscles and help avoid them from tightening up. By having a massage therapy prior to or after a workout, runners won’t need to worry about getting injured while on the area.


Massage therapy has benefits that go beyond the physical. Those that obtained massages will certainly tell you exactly how relaxed the mind really feels throughout a session. Having actually the muscle mass pushed and pulled takes you to mind far from the discomfort and eliminates you of mental stress. Those that obtain normal massages at Portner Orthopedic Rehabilitation of Hawaii will inform that they are also able to sleep much better due to it.


There have even been researching studies that show massage therapies work to profit the nervous system and also the skin. Due to the fact that it can make you really feel so unwinded, it only makes sense that the body’s blood pressure, as well as heart rate, also start to reduce. Frequent massages may also assist your skin tone and also the immune system. It appears as if the benefits of massage treatment are endless. Seek advice from a therapist you can provide you a Massage in Hawaii at Portner Orthopedic Rehabilitation center. You’ll likely see a distinction in an initial couple of checkouts.

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CBD for Pain-Is It Time?

CBD for Pain – Is It Time?

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Is it Time to Give CBD For Pain A Try?

If you are someone that struggles with chronic pain, it can be hard to decide when your current treatment methods just aren’t working, and you need to move on to something else. CBD might be a good option in terms of alternative treatments. Here are some ways to figure out if now is a good time to try this method out.

Are Your Pain Medications No Longer Working?

The first sign that it may be time to look for alternative methods for relieving your chronic pain is when your pain meds stop working. It might be that your body has adjusted to them, or your pain is changing or worsening. Sometimes, you can adjust the medications you are taking, but you might not want to just keep switching to higher doses that might potentially have even more severe side effects.

If your pain is getting worse and your meds just aren’t cutting it anymore, it is a good time to experiment with CBD. Just make sure you let your doctor know you want to try it, and be sure it won’t interact with any medications you are still taking. An alternative treatment may be the answer. Learn more about this ‘Ultimate Deep healing Pain Cream With Emu Oil’

Have You Exhausted All Your Options?

Another sign that you might be ready to try CBD oil for your pain is when you feel like you have completely exhausted all your options. With chronic pain, you probably understand what that is like. You feel like you have tried every medical and natural treatment available, and you are just tired and want relief. CBD might not help, but it might just be the thing you need, so it doesn’t hurt to try.

Is Pain Affecting Your Sleep?

Sleep is incredibly important, both for your mental and physical health. If your chronic pain is keeping you up at night, this is a good indication that you need to figure something else out. Since CBD is safe to use and has very minimal side effects, it is definitely worth trying out. Try ‘CBD Sleep Support Oral Spray’

CBD has been known to not just help with pain and inflammation, but with stress and anxiety that might be keeping you from getting good sleep. That calming effect you get from it makes it ideal at night before it’s time for bed.

Do You Have Stress or Anxiety Related to Your Pain?

Since CBD helps so much with calming your mind, it is really useful for both stress and anxiety. If you find that your chronic pain is causing a good deal of stress or making your anxiety worse because of how bad you feel all the time, CBD can be a good treatment to try out. Need help with Stress or Anxiety?

Tips and Advice for Using CBD for Pain

Cannabidiol oil, or CBD, is consistently being studied for use in many ailments, including the treatment of chronic pain. If you have decided to give it a try, here are some things to keep in mind.

Be Careful with Drug Interactions

The first thing to keep in mind is that CBD might interact with other medications you are taking. If you take medications for your pain or other medical conditions you currently struggle with, the safest thing to do is talk to your doctor or another medical professional. It is possible there won’t be a negative reaction, but it is safest to find out first just to be sure. Especially if it’s not possible for you to stop taking the prescription drugs you need for other medical issues.

Understand the Side Effects

While CBD is safe to use, there are some potential side effects. This is not unusual, since just about every type of medicine, medication, or treatment you choose for your pain is going to have its own set of side effects. And just like other drugs you take for your chronic pain, the side effects won’t happen to everyone.

Some potential side effects you might experience with CBD include:

Dizziness or feeling lightheaded

Behavioral changes

Reduced or increased appetite

Being drowsy or feeling sleepy


Dry mouth

This is why it is a good idea to always start with the lower dose of whichever CBD you are trying, then see how you feel. If you don’t notice any negative side effects, it is then safe to increase your dose.

Start Slow with Your Dose

Speaking of dosages, you always want to start slow. You never know how much CBD is needed for your chronic pain, so don’t go with the maximum dose right away. If you have ever taken prescription pain relievers for your pain, you know that your doctor starts you off at the smallest dose, then increases it gradually if you need it.

The same should be done with your CBD. Choose which form of CBD you want, such as a tincture, wax, or capsule, then look at what the lowest dose is for that treatment.

Try it for a few days at least at the lower dose before deciding if it needs to be increased.

Be Consistent

You will also need to be patient as CBD doesn’t always alleviate pain immediately like other pain relief medications. You need a few weeks to figure out if it is effective for you or not.


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Starting A New Diet Can Be Scary

A Day in the Life of the TLC Diet

Starting a new diet can be scary – you instantly crave all the things you very recently had access

to. You feel like you’re depriving yourself. Everything turns into ‘I can’t have that’, rather than

politely declining it because you don’t want it. Everyone has been there. Everyone has woken up

on the dreaded Monday, where they swore no more cupcakes and more lettuce, and instantly

regretted their decisions.

Dieting doesn’t have to be miserable.

A typical day on the TLC diet will be different, potentially, to what your days used to be like but

they don’t have to be bad.


Mornings are a great time to revitalize yourself. You don’t need to go on a thirty-minute jog but

absolutely get in a quick routine. A five-minute warm-up followed by a few bodyweight

exercises to tone, and then cool down and off you go with your morning.

With TLC, breakfast doesn’t need to be complicated. A bowl of cereal with fat-free, or low fat,

milk is fine. It provides complex carbohydrates, and tend to be low in fat. You’re also definitely

still allowed your coffee – just go light on sugar, or without it entirely if you can.


Diets and limp lettuce tend to be conjoined, but they absolutely don’t have to be. Lunch can be

anything from a tuna salad sandwich (with dressing!) or a low sodium vegetable soup. You can

experiment with your own recipes and throw together something you won’t dread eating a few

times a week.

If you work at a desk, try and get out for a walk – even if it’s just around your office building,

get your legs moving and try and get in a little exercise. Diet and activity go hand in hand in

ensuring a healthier lifestyle.


The – for many – main meal of the day is important. For a lot of people, it’s something to look

forward to once you get home. Something like grilled skinless chicken breasts, with roasted

vegetables, stays in line with the diet, tastes good and gives you many needed nutrients. If you’re

worried about bland taste, drizzle with olive oil, and rub herbs into the chicken, or even coat the



Most diets prohibit snacking, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a treat every now and

then. Try and keep it healthier – don’t reach for the potato chips – but indulge your taste buds a

little Greek yogurt with a small portion of berries is a good, sweet example. It tastes good, it’s

filling and you’ll be doing your body a favor.

There are many great ways to stick to a TLC diet plan without worrying about what you’re no

longer allowed. For many foods, moderation is key. Meat is acceptable, just limit your intake of

it, reduce your dairy and sugars, and you’ll start giving your body the tools to repair the damage

and bring down your cholesterol without having to depend on tablets and pills from your doctor.


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Best Tips for Following a More Nutritious Diet

Rustic Tuscan White Bean Soup

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Is There Really a Relationship Between Drinking Certain Tea & Losing Weight?

I have discovered a very amazing story about dieting from a totally different approach. May people swear this product has changed their lives for the bettter ina a vey easy way.
Please the following interview and let me know your opinion.

Is There Really a Relationship Between Drinking Certain Tea & Losing Weight?

By Elizabeth (Liz) Swann Miller

There I was standing in the wilds of Africa with a massive, red, venomous snake looking right at me and a single thought racing through my mind –“why in the world did I risk my life for this cup of tea?”

The truth is I was looking for what I considered to be the weight loss “holy grail” – a tea that legend claimed completely erased hunger pangs.

The story so intrigued me that I decided to leave the comfort of my home in the US and venture into a remote area of Africa populated by a Kenyan tribe to find out if the tales about this ‘voodoo tea’ were true.

What I discovered changed my life, in that it has allowed me to lose 41 pounds of unwanted fat.

That’s right, not only did the tea really exist (and it’s definitely not ‘voodoo’) but it turned out to be even better than the stories let on.

You see, not only does the tea get rid of hunger pangs; it also activates your body’s natural ability to burn fat. On top of all that, it also boosts your energy without containing potentially harmful caffeine.

I’m going to tell you all about this incredible tea, including how you can get the recipe, in just a minute. But before I do that, let me explain in a little more detail how I ended up in the jungles of Africa.

The first thing you should know about me is that I have degrees in both Psychology and Naturopathy and for over 10 years, I’ve been a practicing Naturopath (ND) specializing in healing through nutrition.

Basically, what that means is, I help people lose weight and improve their health through their diet. Naturally, when I heard about this amazing tea, I was excited.

The fact that I heard the story while I was battling excess weight myself is ultimately what led me to Africa.

At that time, my pregnancy had really taken a toll on me. After multiple complications, I was put on bed rest … I spent 80% of my time stuck in bed, and I was forced to give up the active lifestyle I loved.

I became sluggish. I felt exhausted all the time. Eventually, I developed a sweet tooth, and I absolutely lost control of my weight.

I felt like a fraud. Here I was helping people all over the country lose weight and get the bodies they wanted while I was lying in bed looking worse than I have in my entire life.

Honestly, I felt disgusted with myself, and even though my husband was very supportive, telling me he didn’t care what I looked like, I knew deep down he just wasn’t attracted to me anymore.

Finally, I decided to face the music. I got on the scale one day after having my baby and saw that I was 41 pounds over my target weight.

I couldn’t believe it. I went back to bed and cried.

If you’ve ever gained extra fat, if you’ve ever felt like your body was out of control, I know how you feel. More importantly, I now have a solution that works. It’s fast, easy, and it tastes delicious. I’m going to tell you more about this tea in just a second.

This is the very same tea that helped me drop every one of those 41 hard-to-lose pounds. I feel that weight loss coupled with the success stories of so many others who have followed my program more than justify my “crazy” trip deep into the jungles of Africa.

Now, about that tea…

To put it simply, red tea has the most remarkable “fat-flushing” action I’ve discovered in 15 years of traveling the world as a Medical Maverick.

I’ve seen some truly mind-blowing fat-loss results, but this red tea is by far the most impressive, most incredible thing I’ve ever discovered.

In studying the tea, I’ve learned that its 5 unique ingredients are scientifically proven to trick stubborn fat cells to open and release hard-to-lose fat.

That means it’s now possible to flush away years — if not decades — of unwanted fat simply by drinking this powerful beverage.

Without getting too much into the science and boring you, the five herbal ingredients basically work in harmony to transmit signals from your brain to your fat cells to burn unwanted fat. It allows you to shrink your fat cells without any feelings of hunger.

Up until now one of the main problems with trying to lose fat (especially around your belly) has always been getting stubborn fat cells to “let go” of the “locked in fat” so the body can “flush harmful toxins and fat away.”

Due to cutting-edge research, we now know that the hormone “Noradrenaline” may hold the key to unlocking fat cells and shrinking them.

In a landmark study at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), part of the NIH, researchers showed that Noradrenaline is an arousing hormone known to control cell volume. (NIH/National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. "Brain may flush out toxins during sleep; Sleep clears brain of molecules associated with neurodegeneration: Study." ScienceDaily. (accessed July 2, 2017).

In other words, Noradrenaline is what causes the action of “the incredible shrinking fat cell.” It signals your body to start using your belly fat for energy.

Now here is the really good news:

People who drink this delicious red tea experience increased Noradrenaline production. That’s why they lose a lot of weight, particularly in the typically hard-to-lose belly area.

Let me repeat what I just said:

Results show that fat cell size and fat storing volume actually shrinks when you drink this red tea!

That is revolutionary information – and the benefits of drinking this tea don’t just stop with weight loss.

When I started drinking this incredibly delicious red tea, my entire mood changed. Instead of being exhausted, I had a ton of natural energy.

This red tea was unbelievably refreshing, and when I drank it, I was never hungry.

Drinking red tea also helped me completely eliminate my soda addiction.

I also noticed after a few days of drinking the red tea that I was sweating less. And my breathing was easier, in spite of the intense African heat, which often rose to a scorching 105 degrees!

Plus, even though I had to climb a massive hill to get to the village every day, I actually had more energy than ever before.

I started sleeping better, and waking up more rested and refreshed. I was even more relaxed and calm, despite having to deal with the hordes of flies that were in the area!

And that’s still not all the benefits that I noticed, my stress level dropped, and I was happier than I’d been in a very long time.

Of course, the weight loss was what really got my attention. The weight was really falling off me.

I lost almost 20 pounds that first month.

That’s when I knew … I wasn’t crazy for making that trip to Africa. In fact, it was probably the best decision of my life! I think red tea might just be one of the biggest weight loss discoveries of the past 50 to 100 years.

It is certainly working for many people who have struggled to lose weight in the past. To learn about the five ingredients that make up red tea (all are available at the local grocery store) click here
. You’ll also learn more about how red tea can help you lose weight and get the body of your dreams.

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Weight Loss With The Help Of Green Tea

Weight Loss – Green Tea Benefit

Over the past few years, green tea and its connection with weight loss has long been the center of various clinical studies. Positive effects of green tea on weight loss have been discovered in recent years.

Studies show that the relation between green tea and weight loss are substantially linked together through the plant’s thermogenic properties. Thermogenesis is the process by which the body produces heat by speeding up metabolism, burning calories, and breaking down fat. Certain substances in green tea are believed to help in the body’s thermogenesis, thus contributing to weight loss.

Weight Loss in Other Herbs

Other than green tea, there are other natural herbs that contribute to weight loss. Gugulipid for instance has been shown to augment the metabolic rate of the body and help with thermogenesis, thus leading to weight loss. Gugulipid has also been reported as a catalyst for lowering down cholesterol levels.

Another herb that aids in weight loss is Maitaki. Derived from a Japanese plant, Maitaki helps promote weight loss by targeting the liver, which is a major digestive part of the body.

Maximizing Weight Loss Benefits in Green Tea

A standardized weight loss herbal extract of pure green tea is needed in order to maximize the weight loss benefits of green tea. The market offers several green tea weight loss products that do not use standardized extract. These non-standardized green tea weight loss products are cheaper but do not contain enough active green tea substances to have any significant weight loss benefits. Watch the presentation video here!

Scientists and traditional herbalists believe that better weight loss results are achieved when green tea is used in conjunction with other weight loss herbs and with other nutrients. So before buying a green tea weight loss product, it is advisable that you choose a product that contains a rich blend of green tea herbs, minerals and nutrient that aid in weight loss.

Green tea when combined with ginger and olive leaf helps lower cholesterol and promotes weight loss. Green tea helps stop blood vessel constriction while CoQ 10 protects the heart and ensure blood pressure levels. By mixing green tea with CoQ 10, you will not only achieve maximum weight loss but you will also be able maintain the health of several body systems at one time.

The Ideal Green Tea Weight Loss Product

The first thing to make sure of when buying green tea products is to see if the manufacturer of the green tea extract follows strict GMP compliance, the manufacturing standard used throughout the world. Having GMP approval in green tea products assures you that you are getting a product of the highest quality.

Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, herbal products such as green tea are considered dietary supplements. This means that the success or effectiveness of these products do not have any guarantees. Companies or manufacturers that claim 100% success in their green tea products are doing false advertising and should not be patronized.

For assurance that you’re getting your money’s worth when you buy a green tea product, find a product that is using standardized green tea extract. Look for strict GMP compliance and make sure that the manufacturer of the green tea product has all the proper credentials in product formulation.

Don´t forget to watch the presentation video here!

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Walking To Lose Weight

Waking to lose weight, practical and above all, saving. Going is one of “the worlds largest” recommended physical activities, to help you improve your body’s health and well-being. Besides, strolling is super health. But how should you walk? And how much should you walk? With what kind of vigour? And for how long? Watch this video until the end and you’ll find out all of the answers to these questions. If you aren’t used to walking, start gradually. Five minutes is a good start. Then, gradually increase the length of your goes until you’re able to walk 30 minutes a day. By accompanying for 30 minutes per day you’re already doing great things for your organization, reducing the risk of a motion and other cardiovascular diseases.


Not only that, but strolling will improve circulation, because it increases blood pressure for 24 hours when youre finished exerting. Your soul valves will work better, facilitating the circulation of haemoglobin and the oxygenation of your person. Here are some more benefits of sauntering daily: 1. It combats depression This isn’t new information. Physical task exhausts hormones announced endorphins, which are responsible for the sensation of solace and loosening. 2. It improves mental health issues Everyone may not know this, but sauntering helps reduce questions in the brain, such as inadequate retention and an courtesy deficit. In additive, it slow-paced the aging process and keeps the body in shape.



3. It combats diabetes Did you know that ambling induces the production of insulin? Insulin is a very important substance since it’s what obligates the cadres in your form assimilate glucose. Moving induces its product because the liver and pancreas are provoked to work during the march, making more blood flow through all the parts. 4. It facilitates weight loss When we intensify our body’s metabolism, we burn overweight. Therefore, the faster we saunter, the thinner we’re likely to become. 5. It facilitates avoid osteoporosis Walking induces and strengthens our bones, increasing their concentration and frustrating osteoporosis and arthritis. It does this by improving our circulation. 6. It decreases stress Our torso and sentiment is more and more relaxed when we move, declining the likeliness of recession and other diseases.

7. It improves sex activity Good circulation and oxygenation of cells is simply result in the state and well-being of the body. So I’m sure you’re not surprised to know that treading 30 minutes a day increases sexual desire and intensity. Moving to Lose Weight To ignite calories, you need to walk at a constant frequency. This is something that most of us don’t pay attention to. Likewise, it’s very important to be aware of the number of steps. Strolling about ten thousand steps in an hour is usually suitable for those who want to lose weight swiftly. If you walk like that, you’re torso was likely to smolder flab. To lose weight, you should walk at least three days a week at this intensity. Don’t worry! You don’t have to count the steps! The pedometer is a very good patch of gear that allows you on your moves. It’s a portable invention that weighs a person’s stairs by identifying the members of the movement of their hips.

In addition to being able to counting your steps, it also tells you your average hurry and how many calories you burned. It’s sold in boasting goods places and on the internet .


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The Weight Loss Motivation Bible