Gal Gadot sends message of support to Seattle ‘Wonder Woman’ battling cancer.

Know you’ve seen every incarnation of Wonder Woman probably but this is a Seattle artist who uses only flowers to make pictures Wow
Here’s the photo we were looking at a creation of an artist we’ve featured on our show Bridget Collins who goes by flora forager and exclusively uses plant life for her arms I’m sure she will make one of you now when she sees the new movie in the that’s amazing I honestly don’t understand how parts of that are flowers the unique art has earned her hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers but this Wonder Woman image has extra meaning because it honors Bridget’s friend Heather a Seattle mother of three who’s battling stage four cancer when her daughter asked to be Wonder Woman for Halloween she bought a matching costume which she wore on a dare to her first day of chemotherapy that inspired kids teachers and parents from her children’s school to join in an amazing show of community one I shared with gal and just watch her reaction she made it cuz she’s a fan of you but also one of her friends is going through chemo and wears a Wonder Woman outfit every time she goes to chemotherapy I think we just sent her something that my assistant saw this but I didn’t get it that it was flowers made it’s flowers and here you have it’s a small know what we should do instead of sending and trekking and everything would you mind getting some stuff to the girl so I can write and then we’ll have it done I would be happy to deliver it that would be wonderful I’m sorry amazing so everything’s everything has a day or two ago that’s awesome inspired kind of like the plot of a movie with Wonder Woman front and center as a symbol of kindness and strength shall we Thank You Kim and here is what gal signed it is a lanyard that says dear Heather sending you good energy and much love signed and Wonder Woman herself I’m surprised we’re letting you hold that that is valuable it is valuable well Heather we are all with you and we want to let everyone know that they can follow your journey on instagram at team Oh Wonder Woman

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