10 MINUTES THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Motivational video and speech 2017 for success in life

I’m not able to change your life, but you certainly are. And I have found that it’s ideas that literally change everything in our life. In life, you should only ever be doing one of two things. And that is figuring out what you’re most passionate about like finding your dreams in life. And then two, realizing those passions realizing those dreams. And the first one is much harder than the second one if you know what you want to do, nobody’ll you commit your entire life to doing it, and you’ll either get really close or you’ll die trying. So what I would challenge this young man Or you don’t want me to do is you have to look inside of yourself see what you really want. Where are you passionate about. We use these words and these little phrases of only the strong survive and also the crap. There’s all this f**king work. I get so tired of hearing people. Just talking like right now. Someone may think doctors are talking. You don’t know me. So when I speak I speak for passion. I speak from experience. I speak them suffering. I want to tell this young man, or woman.

That the only way I believe this is this my experience life. The only way you’re ever going to get to the other side of this journey is you have got to suffer, to grow, to grow, you must suffer. You can become the kind of person that is so in tune with the values that you have and what you actually want that when feelings rise up. You can choose to act.

However you want .Despite them, even if you’re tired, you still go to the gym, even if you’re annoyed, with your spouse ,you can still speak n a manner that’s loving. Even you don’t feel like doing that hard work. You can still push yourself to do it. Your feelings are a choice your behavior and your thoughts are always a choice. Several people live to be a hundred years old. They have great lives they have great kids. The kids go to college and all sort stuff. But somewhere in their life, there was a point where they had a decision to make. They can go left or right on this path. Left was the easy route, right was a hard route. Allowed to take the easy route and they had a good life that way. But the better life is going to the right side. And you may have twenty years of pain and suffering get past it so a lot of us I never to start our journey.

And I would tell there’s no person gotta start your journey and they stop. But it will they will come out there. I wear your coat. Many people are suffering from battle fatigue. They’ve been standing a long time trying to break the addiction. Believing for the promotion, praying for that family member, but has it happened yet. They never dreamed. They’d still be single. Still be dealing with the illness. Still be trying to get the loan. Now they’re tired. Let me encourage you, your time is coming. Your due season is on the way. Don’t let time talk you out of it. Don’t let discouragement cause you to give up. Don’t let negative thoughts convince you to settle where you are. You were born to succeed, to win, to conquer all difficulties and have all your faculties fully developed. The only thing life that stands between you and everything you’ve ever wanted to do. Is doing it all that stood between me? And everything I’ve ever wanted to do in life was doing it. You have to trust your own voice. Your own ideas, your honesty, your vulnerability and through this myth find your way.

You do not have to be fearless. Just don’t let fear stop you. Live like this as best you can and I guarantee. You will look back on a life well-lived. You are capable of greatness in your profession and more importantly and your quality of self. Stay hungry. Stay young and heart. Take those risks. You are going to change the world around you in big ways and small.

If we want to go somewhere, you got to do it. One of the great secrets in life to becoming successful. With into the business, whether it’s working with someone or for someone or your personal life. Is be prepared in life for a lot of rejection. Because if we’re prepared for a lot of rejection that comes. You don’t get turned off you’ll get disappointed like I’m not gonna. Do this anymore. No one thinks. It’s a good idea. We need trust. Right we need trust when we’re surrounded by people who believe what we believe and trust starts are emerging. We trust them and they trust us. We’re more willing to take risk. We’re more willing to experiment which requires failure. We’re more willing to explore and go somewhere with that no one has ever gone before with the confidence. That if we fail, if we trip over, if we turn our backs that those within our community, ,those who we trust and who trust us will look after us while we’re gone will pick us up when we fall over, will help us, when we’re hurt, our very survival depends on it.

Courage someone who had is is has the courage no matter what to. Believing something pulled hardly and follow that the faith and encourages that is going in. I was able to do it. You can’t see, you know. That you need to start making that choice, you need any choice right now for yourself. There are people watch the arms, laughter sight ,they’re the people that have been through the most horrific experience of life.

And they found a way to still be happy because they’ve made the decision of life is too short for suffer. So many of you are waiting to be picked by who? Are you making the most of your life? And the answer is yes, if you pay attention to what you do in five-second windows. And so all you need to know to change anything is A. You’re never going to feel like it. You’re never going to feel ready to terrific business. You’re never going to feel ready to have that hard conversation. You’re never going to feel like getting out of bed. You’re never going to feel like it’s a good idea to apply for that promotion. We’re designed to stay comfortable and safe. So you know that you’re A. never going to feel like it and B. that no one’s coming. It’s up to you. You’re not a kid anymore. I have some bad habits. All my habits are not great, so if you’ve got some bad habits don’t feel bad so does your next-door neighbor.

So does your mentor your coach so does your mother and father if they’re alive? So there’s everyone and the trick of life is to replace a bad habit with a good habit. Make up your mind. You’re going to do it every day every day every day. Until you don’t have to think on it. And then go automatically do it. I guarantee you this idea will change your life think about it all day. Because that is definitely an idea that will give you results that will stick.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are in life. You can take the lid off of your job. If you’re wondering, if you still have the lid on in your life, here are some clues that’s going to let you know that the lid is still on. If you’re not excited about waking up in the morning,if you’re sitting around bored out of your mind. If you’ve got time to do everything, anybody asked you to do. You probably got the lid on. If when you tell your dreams to all your friends. It makes sense to them. You got your lid on man your dreams should be should not make sense to everybody.

You got to say something that make people go. How you going to do that? That’s when you got to leave it off, and if I were you, I’d do that. I take the lid off. It’s not always going to be easy, there going to be challenges. There’s still going to be curve balls thrown at me, but I can’t become introverted. I have to continue to get outside myself because when you’re uncomfortable, that’s the only way you’re going to grow up. Right? So the only way I became successful, was going towards the truth as painful as brutal as it is. It changed me. It allowed me to become in my own right who I am today. You face your fears, you become the person you want to be. You run from your fears. You’re not living you’re alive, but you’re not beginning. The freedom you’re not running the day days running you you always be the f**king servant nothing master, guys. We have the ability to go in such a state that you’re willing to suffer. And I mean suffer, your brain and your body once connected together can do anything. We all fall down in life, guys.

The question is who gets back up? Again, it’s not the potential of the individuals not the genetics. It’s the perseverance the never-Say-Die act. if you constantly keep throwing stir against the wall. Eventually something will stick, guys. Never give in what you want. I am where I am and only I can change. .

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